Ashburton – a shopper’s paradise

Well I can’t believe that my holiday is  over and it’s fast becoming a distant memory! My holiday to Devon was wonderful and although I have taken holidays there before it was great… Continue reading

Folksy Friday- ‘Holiday, it will be so nice!’

It’s that time of year when the kids are on the verge of breaking up for the Summer and everyone is looking forward to their holidays. Like millions of others, my family enjoy… Continue reading

Arts and Crafts Fair at Lincoln

After frantic preparation, worrying that I might not have enough items created, then being allocated a round table for display when I thought it was rectangular meaning last minute changes,( which incidentally turned… Continue reading

Folksy Friday – ‘Home Baking’

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but baking in particular is very rewarding, well most of the time anyway I have had my fair share of disasters too! My teacher at school always told me… Continue reading

Garden Inspiration for Textile Creations

Well, I suppose it all started last year when my family decided that perhaps it would be a bit of fun to try to grow some of our own vegetables. At first, my… Continue reading

Beautiful Handcrafted Textiles for Easter

Super Cute Egg Cosies         I know I’ve featured egg cosies previously, but they really are cute and with Easter coming up I thought the new designs deserved a look.… Continue reading

Beautiful Handcrafted Gifts For Mother’s Day

Well it’s that time when you need something special to say a big thank-you to a very important person in your life – your Mum on Mother’s Day. These beautifully hand embroidered lavender… Continue reading

Beautifully Handcrafted Textiles

Well, here are some of my latest designs for Easter which can of course be enjoyed all year round and put a smile on your face in the morning! These individually handcrafted egg… Continue reading

Joining Folksy

Well it’s been a bit of a struggle with the technical challenges of getting to grips with all the computer stuff, and I know all you computer whizzes (for want of a better… Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well 2010 is nearly over, and it’s been hectic! Roll on 2011…