Sewing is Good for You!

There has been a great deal written about mindfulness, enjoying the moment and relaxing through creativity in this busy age and I can definitely relate to that! I have met many people who have expressed how sewing (or indeed other crafts) that have helped them through difficult times in their life and although it can’t cure or offer solutions just the act of creativity in whatever form, helps you to stop and take stock of things or indeed just allows some time out focusing on something else. So yes, sewing is good for you! , especially when you can join a group of like minded people, chat and swap stories, give and receive sewing tips and enjoy a nice lunch!

hoveringham Minkley Room sewing workshop

This year we have a whole range of sewing workshops on offer, covering lots of skills and techniques from free-machine embroidery (drawing with your sewing), patchwork and quilting, hand embroidery, bag-making etc for beginners and more experienced sewers. Please take a look at our Learn How page where our schedule of workshops for 2018 can be found. We hope you will be able to join us and enjoy some time out, begin or continue sewing and generally just have a great day creating! Here are a few tasters, Happy Sewing!

Fabric covered rope baskets sewing workshop 26th January 2016

fabric covered rope baskets

Hand Embroidered Table Lamp Workshop 16th March 2018

hand embroidered table lamp

Free-machined Seaside Picture Sewing Workshop 18th May 2018

seaside picture

Mixer Cover or Coffee/Tea Cosy Sewing Workshop 14th September 2018

bicycle tea cosy