Perfectly Piped and Zipped Cushions Workshop!

I have run workshops in the past on appliqued cushions, as applique is one of my favourite techiques as you will see from the photograph. I love to use applique to embellish and create all sorts of items from cushions, cosys, books, pictures, to bags and hoop art! You name it I’ve probably attempted to applique it! On this occasion I was asked to run a workshop on how to put piping and zips into cushions so a skills based workshop was created.

Appliqued Cushions by Jane Lightfoot Designs

I’m not a big fan of zips as usually I enjoy using buttons to add extra interest to the reverse of a cushion.

Jane Lightfoot Designs

However, zips was what I was asked for so zip insertion was what we did! We tackled this step by step and everyone managed this well, phew! Now putting in piping is no big thing but just a few little tips and ensuring the binding for the piping cord is cut on the bias ensures a perfectly piped cushion!

Cut binding on the biasJoining piping cordAdding the piping to the cushion front

I very rarely make straight forward cushions and always look to add some sort of detail, I just can’t help it! so in this workshop we added a piped and pieced strip to the front and added button embellishment (well there had to be buttons somewhere) .

Piped Cushions

Piped CushionPiped cushionsTrish's piped cushionPiped cushionJane Lightfoot Sewing Workshops

I hope you will agree that there are some fabulous results and I was so proud of the very professional finish that everyone achieved especially as it was the first time most of the attendees had inserted piping and zips, which just goes to show that a few tips and keen and enthusiastic people make all the difference. If you fancy joining us for a workshop please look at our Learn How page. Happy sewing!