Hoop Art!

Hoop Art - Feels Like HomeI have a workshop in a couple of weeks time making appliqued pictures in a hoop and decided I ought to get a couple of examples ready to photograph for my presentation. Oh my! I think I have found a new addiction! I really loved making these, the possibilities are endless and such a nice size to work on. I always enjoy creating collage style fabric pictures, but I also enjoy adding little embellishments, sorting through my stash to find just the right bead or button (all you button addicts, will know exactly what I mean!) and perhaps adding some hand embroidery or ribbon work.

The original sketch I made for this one also featured  a coffee table and a pile of books along with coffee pot and cups and saucers, but when I came to position the hoop I had run out of space! A really good project to try as you can add as much or as little detail as you like.

I was rather pleased with this free-machine appliqued/embroidered blue tit and decided to add silk ribbon embroidered cherry blossom.

Hoop Art - Blue tit on cherry blossom I now have a long list of others I would like to make! Why not have a go at creating your own hoop art? Happy creating.

If you go down to the woods today