Appliqued Aprons Workshop

On Friday I ran an appliqued aprons workshop at Manor Farm Tea Shoppe. I always really look forward to these creative days, meeting old friends and new people who are as crazy about sewing as me! I knew from the project that I had lined up that it was going to be a busy day!

Appliqued Apron

Once we had cut out our apron pieces it was time for the fun part, deciding on the design! I usually prepare a sample or two to start the ball rolling, but I am pleased to say that there was no shortage of ideas!You will see from the photographs the brilliant ideas that were developed into bright, colourful and unique aprons.

Pammie's Design

IMG_0855Pammie’s chicken and egg appliqued apron really made me smile!









Caroline uses the pocket on her apron as a mixing bowl with flour, sugar, milk and eggs all being poured in and mixed with a wooden spoon, genius!

Caroline's design

Caroline's Apron












Lis decided on a rabbit, carrot and flower motifs for her apron design and made a fantastic job for a first attempt at free-machine applique.

Lis' Apron

Kathy had a tea and cake theme for her apron and selected such beautifully coordinated fabric for her motifs.

Kathy's design

Kathy's Apron











Linda and Ali had owl themes for their aprons which is currently very trendy and Ali even added some fabulous free-machine ‘handwriting’!

Ali and Lind's Aprons

Maddi choose a cookie cutter theme and produced  super cute gingerbread people and gingerbread house design which was really colourful.

Maddi's Apron

It was quite a challenge getting such a big project done in the time available , it’s surprising how quickly the time flies but we still managed a break for a relaxing lunch!

Manor Farm Tea Shoppe

A great time had by all! If you fancy joining us please email or see here for further details. Happy sewing!