Happy Easter

Super Cute Egg Cosies

I really enjoy making these little super cute egg cosies as they always make me smile! Not just because they are cute, but because it reminds me of my first attempts at free-machine embroidery. I decided egg cosies were a small and simple project to begin with, so not much to go wrong!

Egg CosiesI set about getting the applique pieces in place ready for free-machining, all went well including my first attempt at free-machine ‘handwriting’ . I was feel rather smug and pleased with myself as I stood back to admire my work, not too bad for a first attempt. Then, the realisation that in writing ‘Eggs for breakfast’  I had missed out the ‘k’ in breakfast! Grrr. I had already completed the item, so not much chance to rectify, and anyone who has done any free-machining knows how very difficult it is to unpick anyway! I have kept the egg cosy in my kitchen as a reminder to ‘think ahead’ and ‘know where you are going’ when free-machining and when’writing’ with your sewing machine to actually hand write on paper what you wish to sew with your machine, this helps hand /eye co-ordination and a hand to spelling!

Egg CosyEgg CosyEgg Cosy

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and Happy Sewing!