A Patchwork Day!

There is something quite therapeutic about cutting up bits of fabric and sewing them back together again! But starting patchwork for the first time can be quite daunting, especially as many people drawn to it often want to make a  patchwork  quilt! and who doesn’t? However often starting patchwork by making a quilt is a big undertaking in terms of time and money invested, without thinking about what fabric to buy, what goes together, what pattern to use, what wadding is best, how to quilt etc etc. So many things to consider when all you want to do is get sewing and make something pretty! With this in mind I opted to make a Patchwork Tote Bag as the project for my beginners patchwork workshop, after all we only had the day to do it in. I was keen to make an item that could be completed in the session in the hope of learning a few skills that could be applied to other projects and of course for those attending the workshop to be so thrilled with the results they would continue patch-working making bigger and better things!

Patchwork Tote Bag

On making a sample bag , ( based on http://mypatchwork.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/charming-tote-bag/ with a few tweaks to size and materials I realised that even though it involved piecing straight forward squares, it was going to be a challenging project to achieve in the time given, and the ladies thought they were in for a leisurely day!

Manor Farm Function Room

Chrissie one of the ladies who attended the workshop took this photo at the beginning of the day( check out her blog about her day of creating  here) the function room at Manor Farm Tea Shoppe makes a perfect sewing studio! Here you can see all the materials laid out ready for a prompt start!

Patchwork SquaresAfter selecting materials it was sew, sew,sew! Here are the fabulous results:







I was really pleased at the results and think the ladies were too! All ready now for a spot of retail therapy, hopefully to buy fabric for that next patchwork project!

If you fancy joining us for a fun and creative day of sewing please check out the list of workshops on offer during 2013 here or please email for further details.