Fabric Collage Creations

   I always enjoyed making collages as a kid using cut outs from magazines, sugar paper, bits of wool thread or string, shells, beads and stones or anything with some interest in terms of texture or colour. Do you remember doing these sorts of things? As adults we don’t often indulge in such things and it is such a shame that our naive creativity gets lost along the way even though we derived much enjoyment from it!

These days I derive much pleasure from creating appliqued collage cushions using a collage style approach beginning with a simple idea and cutting and snipping bits of fabric of varying colours textures and patterns to build up a picture. Free- machine applique is great for this purpose as nothing needs to be fixed down until you are happy with the composition!

Once the basic composition has been achieved as much or as little detail can be added as you like. This may take the form of additional layers of stitching, hand embroidery, embellishments of all types such as buttons, beads or ribbons etc which all add to building up layers of interest.

Go on, have a go, you might be surprised by what you can create!  Don’t know where to start? why not come to one of our workshops? Details available here for a creative day in a relaxed, friendly environment including lovely lunch.